Bio Mass Gasifier – Green Energy Projects

Bio Mass Gasifier - Green Energy Projects

Manufacturer and service provider of Energy Efficient Gasification Plant for replacing fossil fuels like diesel, LPG, furnace oil etc in Industries
More than 20 years of experience in supply, installation, commissioning, O&M in Biomass gasification technology for various industrial and cooking applications.
In gasification the combustion is carried at sub-stoichiometric conditions with air-to-fuel ratio being 1.5:1 to 1.8:1

  • The gas so obtained is called producer gas/syngas, which is combustible
  • This process is made possible in a device called gasifier, in a limited supply of air
  • A gasifier system basically comprises of a reactor, where the gas is generated
  • It is followed by a cooling and cleaning system, which cools and cleans the gas
  • In the reactor the biomass pieces (solid biomass) after undergoing drying and devolatilization in the upper zones, leave behind the char. The volatiles undergo combustion zone, with air being partially supplied by the surrounding nozzles, and the remaining drawn from the open top. The product gasses of oxidation further gets reduced by a bed of charcoal and yield a combustible gas called “Producer Gas”/syngas.

Arctic engineering has an objective to develop and implement bio energy projects for various industrial needs.
With 20 + years of hands on experience on gasification plant, Arctic engineering will execute and integrate the projects very successfully based on clients need.

Plant Capacities
Biomass through put : 20 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr
Fuel replacement: 5 litres/hr to 500 litres/hr – Diesel/LPG/FO

Major applications
1. Aluminium melting/extrusion
2. Drying
3. Biscuit baking
4. Cooking
5. Powder coating
6. Process heating
7. Heat treatment

Arctic is an one stop solution for energy efficient biomass gasification plant.